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“I should get that done; I’ll do it later.”

Sound familiar? It’s called procrastination and we all do it, but for some it’s a way of life.

Procrastination makes you feel both indecisive and guilty – indecisive because you choose to postpone what must be done and guilty for not doing, now, what you need to do. The more often you procrastinate, the weaker you feel.

If you’re in the habit of putting things off, try this. Next time you’re faced with a project, take a look at what you want to accomplish. Tune into the reasons for your resistance and then honestly ask yourself, “Is this something I can start, now?” Most of the time the answer is “Yes.” So, start!

See yourself as someone who makes solid decisions. When you commit to something honor yourself and stick with it until it’s done. You’ll empower yourself and the desire to procrastinate will, slowly, disappear.

©Jane Powell


Feel the appreciation, happiness, and gratefulness for all that surrounds you and all that is within you. 
Imagine having the life that you have always wanted. Then feel inside those feelings that you would have if you were already experiencing all that you desire. Combine that with these feelings of gratitude now for what you do have.
Focus on the positive things in your life. Release the negative thoughts, feeling, and actions. Release those feelings, the people and the things that bring you down or affect you negatively in anyway or at least set boundaries for yourself.
Live your life as if you already have the things that you desire. How? By believing and expressing yourself as if you had them or are living your dreams.
Be grateful for all that you have, for the life you have been given, for your family and friends, your job, and your home. Be thankful and give thanks for the abundance and prosperity that blesses you each and every day.
Feel the appreciation, happiness, and gratefulness for all that surrounds you and all that is within you.  


Being rich

Being rich is not about how much money you get. It’s about how much meaning you give.

You don’t need a lot of stuff to be rich. In fact, the less you need, the richer you are.

Be genuinely joyful, and you are as rich as anyone can ever be. See the real beauty in even the smallest things, and every day, every situation becomes an unending source of richness.

Being rich is being able to lovingly give of yourself. And that depends not on the size of your bank account, but on your simple choice to do so.

When it comes to being rich, what’s on the inside is vastly more important than what’s on the outside. Being rich is feeling rich, and you can do that in any circumstance.

Being rich is fully appreciating and expressing the immense value your life has in every moment. Being rich is how you can be right now, and always.

Ralph Marston


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sunny day Pendant & Tubular Net bracelet


beads colors


I found a youtube tutorial I had to make… and I decided it was going to be all the colors that I love!

sunny day Pendant

Sunny Day pendant. tutorial is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0nJw-SstcE


fillednet brace

Beading4Perfectionists is another great youtube tutorial channel !!  I made this Tubular (filled) net bracelet from her  video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfUY4CfamGY she has lots of good videos!!